Mobile phone (Rus)/WhatsApp +7 977 872 80 01


Mobile phone(Ph)/WhatsApp +63 927 125 15 84


Mobile phone/Viber(Rus) +7 963 750 12 20


Mobile phone/Telegram(Ph) +63 927 125 15 84


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Our Terms



Greetings from non-profit Russian/Philipino Community of moto-scooters and motor-bikes lovers!


Our Community was established in 2010, as a uniting platform for Moto-cycles amateurs, professionals, owners, repair shop owners and those enthusiasts willing to join Moto Sports.

Our Community vision


1. All cooperation within Comunity/ between Community members is free of charge.


2. All material or financial resources as well as  other assests, tickets, shares, funds transfered to Community are solely DONATIONS.


3. The Community Founder/Establisher is Alexander Alexandrovich, a Man, made from flesh and blood, possesing Soul and Spirit, Mind and Сonsciousness, living on Earth, possessing the Creative Energy of a Creator, a Male conceived by a father and born of a mother in the presence of a notary and witnesses.


Community Members requirements:


Minimum age is 20 years old

Not less than 2 years motorcycle driving experience

Valid passport or other ID

Driver's License


Community does not provide or pays for:   


Gasoline /fuel for bikes

Parking lot and security

Paying fines, tow-trucking and ownership documents returns

Repair of damaged bikes


The Resposibilities of a Comrade (Renter):   


Full material liability in case of damage or theft of a scooter


Full liability for one's health and life including passengers and third Patries


Its forbidden to transfer scooters/motor bikes to Third parties


Forbidden to drive scooters/motor-bikes wothout helmets or under influence of alcohol


The scooters/motor-bikes are to be used only in the area of Panglao and Bohol island.


Extra Assistance  


We can assist you in purchasing your motor vehicle.

We can assist you in renting out your motor vehicle.

We can assist you in selling your motor vehicle.

We can assist you in purchasing your motor vehicle.

We can assist you in repairing your motor vehicle.

We can assist you to equip your motor vehicle with GPS tracker.


We can provide storage and maintenance of your vehicle


ADDRESS: Philippines, Bohol, Panglao Island, Dauis, Biking, Bikini Beach.


GPS 9.587518, 123.837634


Our time zone GMT +8


We are available from 8am to 3pm Phillipines time


 All meetings should be planned preliminary!